Selby Competitions

Selby Bowling Association Competitions 2021

Proposed 2021  competition schedule. Entries to be in by – Sunday 9th May

Merit singles, Vet singles, Pairs and Mixed pairs – start date – 17th May 

1st round by – 3rd June 

2nd round by – 21st June 

Semi final by – 7th July 

Final – 15th August 

Triples, mixed triples & fours – start date – 21st June 

1st round by – 8th July 

2nd round by – 26th July 

Semi final by – 11th August 

Final – 15th August 

Under 25 Singles – Played on finals day 

Fletchers Knockout Cup – starts from 21st June 

1st round by – 12th July 

2nd round by – 2nd August 

Semi final & final – 7th August

All competitions are open to all members (male & female) of teams registered to play in the Selby Bowling Association Leagues.